The college welcomes enquiries for enrolment. This college has a neighbourhood area as defined by the Department of Education (DE). Please check the neighbourhood map to see if your home address falls within our area (. If you are unsure give us a call on 9803-6811 to confirm.

Enrolment in Year 7 2024
Please do not lodge an online enquiry. Please refer to 鶹Ƶ and Department of Education Transition processes and procedures. Enrolment-in-Year-7-2024

Information for prospective families seeking enrolment at this college for 2023 is available from both the Senior and Junior Campus General Office during office hours 8.15am to 4.00pm.

To make an application for Enrolment consideration

  • Please complete the form below and provide all documentation. Please note that your application will not progress unless all documentation has been received. If you require a paper form, please contact the school office on 9887-9290 for Junior Campus (Year 7 & 8) or 9803 6811 for Senior Campus (Year 9-12).
  • An enrolment form will be provided when placement is offered.
  • Our school follows the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy for the enrolment, placement and transfer of students.

Approved entry criteria for 鶹Ƶ Secondary College are:

  • Students who live within the school zone (guaranteed entry)
  • Students with a sibling attending the school at the same time (priority 1 of the priority order of placement)
  • Students seeking enrolment on legitimate compassionate grounds

Students seeking placement in Year 7 must meet one of the above criteria to be eligible for enrolment in 2024.

Enrolment Enquiry

Please enter all information in the form below, and submit the relevant documents, in order to apply for a place at 鶹Ƶ Secondary College:

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